Karl Singline


Karl Singline

A self-motivated and highly passionate graduate architect that is focused on emergent technology & design within the built environment. With 10 years professional experience delivering creative strategic solutions grounded on the principles of good design that are sensitive to the requirements and communication required. 

Committed to creating architecture, interiors and design projects that start from ‘first principles’ and end at a place where both the client and architect can be proud. Karl does not necessarily have a discernible style as much as a focus on cutting edge technology based in the foundation of functional architecture and design. With a clear focus on the processes that ensure positive outcomes in the finished product of his initial design intent. No matter the finished product, whether it be a house, café, or a chair, Karl, finds the result through rigorous processes of design and analysis. It is through this process of seeing design as a journey that he hopes to inspire those around him.

After completing his first degree at the University of Tasmania, Karl worked for several studios including architecture and agencies. Having broadened his experience into environmental wayfinding design during his time as designer for emery studio, a part of the BBDO network of agencies. It was during this time he was involved in projects such as the prestigious Burj Khalifa & The Dubai Mall. All projects featured deep branding and intended not only be functional but to inspire and illuminate.

Additionally, he has held several positions in project management. Involved in multi-million dollar roll-outs of commercial re-brandings nationwide for several of Australia's most significant brands. Each day raised new and exciting challenges that centered around many stakeholders and required significant collaboration with architects, brands, clients and designers to ensure efficient delivery of successful projects.